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-Salvia Hillier Profile Information.

:bulletred: Name: Salvia Hillier
:bulletred: Age: 17 years old.
:bulletred: D.O.B.: September/24/1897
:bulletred: Astrology Sign: Libra
:bulletred: Birth place: Ishbal
:bulletred: Race: Amestrian/Ishbalan
:bulletred: Gender: Female
:bulletred: Color Hair: White
:bulletred: Color Eye: Red
:bulletred: Skin Tone: Brown tone.
:bulletred: Military Rank/Occupation: Second Lieutenant.

:bulletred: Weapons of Choice: Sword, gun, Earth Alchemy, and brain power.
:bulletred: Favorite Color: Black
:bulletred: Favorite Flower: Sun Flower
:bulletred: Favorite Animals: Bears, Birds, dogs, snakes, bugs, etc.
:bulletred: Hobbies: Art, reading,  sparing, dancing, and baking.
:bulletred: Loves: Sander, Oliver, Miles, Spring her pet bear, Briggs, Tundra, Art, Books, sky, rivers, her deceast mother, friends, traveling with Sander on missions, food, sleep, books, etc.
:bulletred: Dislikes: War, falling in holes, hypocrites, meaningless fights,  her big brother Harbor.
:bulletred: Personality: Salvia is a very cheerful spirit, with the ambition to stop descrimination the best she can. She can be an extreme glutz thought, and fall on her face a lot. She has terrible balance at times. Salvia in general is an odd girl with the ability to bake really good, but cook normally is out of the question; she can't cook normally at all. Sander finds this odd...Baking is supposed to be harder then cooking for most people. Salvia is not always ditszy thought, she takes necessary things very serious. When she's around Sander she really opens up, and tends to let him know the feelings she has for him very openly infront of him and others. People often believe she's a masochist sometimes for loving Sander who can be very rough around the edges, even towards woman who he considers equal to any men he fights, but that's why she loves Sander; he does not descriminate Gender, Status, or Race...etc.
She believes in God, and considers Alchemy a very helpful tool giving to people by him.
In general she is a very caring girl towards her friends, and will do all she can to lend a hand. She really admires Oliver and Martel; those being her woman role models, and hopes to be as strong and as beautiful as they are when she grows up to be a woman herself.
When she sets her mind on something she wants, she does not let go so easy.
:bulletred: Background Past: Salvia as a child was always quite, and shy. She rellyed on her mother a lot do to the supposed "bullies" who was really her half brother Harbor just causing her all the grief she went through. He would hurt her, then bring her to the mother as a hero, in hopes of getting phrased for it. That's why Salvia tried to stay away a lot from her brother. Often alone, if not with her mother. As a child she feared Julia; a soldier who made friends with her mother. Salvia's mother, and Harbor thought her Earth Alchemy, and that is why she uses it to this day as a weapon in hopes of protecting people. As a child she made friends, but they came and went often, same for Alina, a Drachma girl she made friends with, who was no longer perminated to be close to again. During her childhood, she would sneak into Briggs territory, to admire Oliver from a far. As often as she tried to speak to the soldier woman, the often she was told by Oliver to not pester her, but eventually Oliver grew fond of her. During the Ishbal Civil War Shanla along with Scar's brother found out about the sinister plans of the Philosipher stone. Shanla afraid for her childrens life planned to escape, but failed, due to getting shot in her legs by a high ranking man to prevent her from running, and ordered Julia to take Shanla to be made into a Philosipher Stone. There Shanla saw her son Harbor with Homonculis ready to turn her into a Philosipher stone, with several other Ishvalans. Salvia frantically tried looking for her mother, and brother, but was taking by surviving Ishbalans who managed to escape. Salvia was alone by the end of the Ishbalan War, at the age of 11 years old. Eventually through travel she found her way back to Briggs, and offered herself to the Brigg Soldiers and Oliver. It took much effort to get in, but Oliver eventually gave in to the child. Telling her that she will follow her with no complaints. As time passed Salvia managed to call Briggs home. Trained by Oliver, and the rest of the Soldiers to fight, and survive. In returned she offered her alchemy skills in any neccesity needed. In 1911, at the age of 14, Salvia decided to spy on some Drachma forces. There she thought she saw Harbor, and procceded to run, thus falling on her face, and getting captured by Drachma spies, who later tied her down for integoration. Due to being captured she feels she has failed Oliver, and Briggs, and desperately cuts the rope, sets herself free, but much to her demise a Drachma man notices her, and tries to hurt her for her escape attempt. She ends up killing the man by stabbing him in the head with the knife she cut herself free with, which causes her to vomit for killing another human. Her brother then appears before her telling her lies of how mom is still alive, and she will be dissapointed in her daughter killing, givin her the option of human transmutation, Salvia does not hesitate, and attempts the Taboo. Loosing her right eye, the eye that completed the other that she believed gave her the ability to see beyond what others saw. This happening while her brother lauhthing at her stupidity for attempting the impossible for someone she din't even know. She blacks out, Harbor puts the Philosipher Stone made of his mother in Salvia's pocket, wondering happily on how she would use such a thing, and later she wakes up finding a blind fold on her eyes, she manages to get up in pain,  only to realize she's missing an eye. She can't remember what happened to her, but believes they did that to her as punishment, so she runs away, knowing she's in know condition for fighting. She comes back to Briggs with valuable Drachma information, telling Oliver not to worry for what she has done, since Oliver smacks the girl for her attempts, but thanks her none the less for her bravery. In 1912, at the age of 15, she has a nightmare, and remembers the Drachma events. Sitting up to cry for her stupitity on that day. 1913, at age 16, sees Sander from a far training, thinks nothing of it much. 1914 , age 17, meets Sander and Roy, along side Oliver in a meeting, and falls for Sander.

:bulletred: Dreams: To make Sander happy, to eventually settle down, and have children with Sander, and to be an art teacher for small children.
:bulletred: Goals: Live happily, find away to make change for the better, and to protect her love ones.
:bulletred: Good traits: Very friendly, determination, artistic, knows when to take things seriously,  and very good baking skills.

:bulletred: Flaws: Poor choice in friends; lousy in finding good friends, she tends to be a big glutz; and people tend to wonder if she really is from Briggs, she fails to listen to her instincts sometimes which gets her in lots of trouble, she can have bad balance at times, over sleeps a lot, has a hard time being normal to people, and has a way of finding bad luck when told to be descrite.
:bulletred: Fears: Blood loss, art blocks, people not accepting her, angry Sander, loosing her loved ones, darkness, going out in hot weather, and silence.
:bulletred: Weaknesses: Bad sense of directions, extreme heat, the smell of food while working, being away from Sander for a long time, and she can't bare to fail the missions Oliver intrusts in her.
:bulletred: Things that make you pissed: Ignorant people, big hypocrites, snobs, animal abuse, her weaknesses, failing, negative thoughts, and Harbor's way of hurting others.
:bulletred: Abilities: Her instinct is usually right, but she has the bad habit of not following through to them, until usually the end. That ability was stronger thought when she had both eyes, now she only has one, thus in her belief it works less now. Another ability is that she can hold her own in battle thanks to Oliver and Miles training, and her Brigg Bear battles. She has a way of finding trouble easily that then leads her to usually whatever she is seeking. She is capable in hand to hand battle well without her sword and her Earth/Art Alchemy.
:bulletred: Fun Facts:
* She has a pet bear she named spring, who jumps on her constantly squishing her on the ground.
* She lets her guard down a lot in the presence of Sander.
* She's called "Odd Ball" by Briggs Soldiers for being to girly at times.
* She loves creepy crawlies strangely... She as a child when bored got fond of watching they're life, and wonders if God feels the same way towards humans.
* She gets dizzy spells in the heat, she can't stand it.
* She likes Auntunm, and Spring. Both are not to cold or the to hot for her.
* She wishes for Miles to marry Oliver, she see's them together, she see's chemistry.
* She goes to Dublith, where she meets Devil's Nest, and quickly assumes Martel is Greed's wife.
* She thinks of Oliver as an angel from heaven. Roy finds this funny.
* She has a brother who thinks he can twist peoples lives.
* She believes in the super natural.
* As a small child she was usually quite and shy, and never really trusting easilly on someone. Especially during the Ishbal War, but things change, her feelings and personality. Thanks to Oliver, Miles, and all the Briggs Soldiers.
* She learned to be outspoken about her feelings by watching Oliver speak to people with out a care.

:bulletred: Family:
*Shanla: Salvia's Ishbalan mother, who was killed in the Ishbalan Civil War, who specifically killed her is unknown to Salvia. Shanla has both Salvia her daughter and a son; who goes by the nick name of Harbor. Shanla both a spiritual and strong woman tried her best raising her children right, and always tried looking for the positive things in life. She thought this way of thinking to her children, and always hoped they would carry it with them forever. Before the Ishbalan conflict even started, Shanla made friends with a soldier lady by the name of Julia Berkshire; coincidently Sander's mother. The two had very good times, but sadly that soon ended as the conflict took root. Ever since then Salvia wanted to never leave her mother's side, because she had a bad feeling if she let her go she would loose her mother forever. Shanla and her son are full Ishbalan, but Salvia is not, her father is Amestrian. Salvia's parents met before the conflict even happened, after the Ishbalans heard of this relationship they stayed far a way from her, considering her a sinner, and low of her to go as far as to have a half Ishvalan/Amestrian child.

*Christopher: Is Salvia's father who's a very kind, understanding man. He works for the Military in designing weapons for war. He's also known to be a very good marksmen. Christopher can usually know how a person is by tallking to them, it's a gift of his that Salvia inherited, but fails miserably to use it to her advantage. At first Christopher was married to a lovely lady named Silvia, and had his two children; the eldest son named Alan, and first daughter Emily. Christopher and Silvia where thrilled to have a future together, but there happiness was cut short when Silvia's abusive father forced Silvia to take the children and to leave with him during a time of crisis in his bussiness for safety, leaving Christopher behind without them not being able to get married. Christopher saddened by this keeps up building weapons for war, since it's the only thing he has, all his family gone made him feel very alone. In 1895 he met Shanla; Salvia's mother who within time he came to love, and have Salvia with, but that relationship sadly ended to when the Ishbal proble started in 1901. By the time the war ended in 1908 Christopher tried looking for a trace of Ishbalan survivers who knew if Shanla, Salvia, and Harbor where okay, but sadly found no leads. Forced to go back to his home in East City, in 1912 he was soon reunited with Silvia, and his two children, happy but at the same time sad for all this hard ship he went through. Living a life surving the Military, with several shops, and supporting his family.

*Alan: Christopher's oldest son, who tends to be a bit wild, but a nice boy none the less. He helps his father in building weapons, and also works for the Military; as a Military Police along side with his sister Emily. Alan knows Sander, and often likes to poke annoyince at him in a friendly nature way, like brothers, but of course Sander does not get this "foolishness". Alan is also known to be a bit of a womanizer, often getting lectured by his mother and Emily for it.
Emily: Christopher's first daughter, who is very serious about her job in the Military and wants to protect the citizens. She loves doing her job, and feels sad when ever she hears of the Ishbalan extermination. Emily like Salvia finds trouble easily, but usually remains calm. For a certain time Emily helped her father and brother on making these weapons, and transporting them to Military bases. Emily's name and last name is the first that Salvia hears of in the military and ends up wanting to find her sister, in hopes of a warm welcome. Emily's scar she bares on her face is do to a chimera attack while she's on duty, after that insident she keeps quite do to military threats.
*Silvia: is basectly Salvia's step mother, who has had a hard life do to her abusive father not accepting her and Christopher together, for status reasons, and his own selfish reasons as well. Silvia eventually freed her self when courage came, got a job as a singer, and got reunited with Christopher for marriage. She knows of Christopher's experiance in Ishbal, and forgives him saying that it's really her fault for being a coward towards her father. A very loving and understanding woman who loves her family dearly.
*Harbor: Shanla's only son, and Salvia's half brother. A very sadist person since youth. He loves manipulating, and being cruel towards people. He has nothing against the Ishbalan people, just towards people in general. A traitor to his people, who some believe helped in ending his own mother's life. Since a child he always loved abusing Salvia, and being praised for supposedly helping her from bullies. A real born actor, he has a way of charming people and then leaving them in the abyss. He thought Salvia alchemy along side with Shanla. It is because of them using alchemy that other Ishbalans kept they're distance. Since the war ended, it is not known whether Harbor is alive or not.

:bulletred: Close Friends:

*Sander Berkshire: The girl obviously loves the boy, and will not accept his ignorance towards her. She wants to win his heart, like he won her's. She loves his fusy little face, and his nature to not descriminate those around him. Salvia really dislikes Sander's "asexual attitude" thought, lol.

*Oliver Armstrong: Oliver and Salvia's relationship is like a Mother-Daughter relationship. Oliver is very strict with Salvia, and does not descriminate Salvia  thought. This makes Salvia feel at home in Briggs. She calls Briggs a portal to heaven, and Oliver an angel. Salvia really respects Oliver, and feels her loyalty towards her should never break. Oliver finds Salvia to be an odd girl, who annoys her sometimes, but regardless; Oliver is very fond of Salvia, and sometimes spoil her as her own with out realizing she is being very mother like. Which is the reason why Oliver hates it when her brother Alex Armstrong takes advantage of her showing these motherly feelings.
Miles: Miles and Salvia share a father/daughter relationship, and sometimes a Mother/Daughter relationship. The reason for that is because Salvia always teases Miles for being the woman in the relationship if he ever got with Oliver. This irratates Miles very much, and Salvia feels happy when ever she see's the two interact. Thinking it's very cute. To Miles despair...
Buckinear: Buckinear is like a big brother/uncle to Salvia. Salvia usually tells him about her feelings towards Sander, and he just thinks Salvia is odd for sharing this, since he does not really see girlyness in Briggs often. Regardless he listens to the silly little girl, in hopes of her overcoming this "feeling" she has towards one of Roy's suubordinates; Sander.
*Spring: Salvia's Brigg's bear friend, which is a female bear that tends to attack Salvia in a friendly way, forgeting she's human, and not a furocious bear. Spring gets along with Tundra, but not really fond of Sander...
Tundra: Sander's loyal Siberian Husky dog, that really is friendly towards Salvia's cheerful nature.
*Roy Mustang: Salvia, unlike Oliver gets along with Roy, but finds it irratating when ever Roy talks rudely of Oliver, causing Salvia to get a little angry. Dispite this, she reallies on Roy letting her know how Sander is doing, since Sander likes to keep to himself when it comes to feelings.
*Alex Armstrong: Is like a strong uncle to Salvia. Salvia finds him to be very funny, and refreshing to be around. Oliver finds this annoying, but lets her be. The two often create art together. A really nice bond they have.
*Maes Hughes: They can relate. Both Salvia and Hughes have obsessions that Roy finds annoying at times when both together share they're passion.
*Rebbecca Catalina: They share a lot of boy talk, they're good friends in general. lol.
*Sheska: They both get a long pretty could. They love books, and believe in life out there in the sky.
*Scar: She respects Scar, but does not believe revenge is the answer, he thinks she's foolish for joining the Military, but respect her for following Miles ways of making change.
:bulletred: Devil Nest Gang: Salvia falls for them, they don't judge people, and they are open minded.
*Greed: Salvia finds him cool, and at times likes to pretend to be him to feel all powerful, relaxed, and cool. For her; if Oliver and Greed shared a religion, she would join it. Greed finds her a bit odd, but does not see her as a threat unless provoked of course, since Greed really does not acted biased towards people. All in all they respect each other.
*Martel: Ever since Salvia met Martel she found her strong and beautiful. Salvia really admired that about her, and even when she found out she was part chimera/snake, it made Salvia even love her more. Salvia really loves snakes, and it reminded her of the time she wanted to bring a snake from the desert, to Briggs, in which Oliver made her walk all the way back to return it. For Salvia, it's like a reunion... Martel to finds her odd, like mostly everyone, but does not mind it. Salvia confused Martel for Greed's wife, and still assumes them to be so.
*Dorchet: With Dorchet Salvia treats him like a real doggie. Petting him, trying to feed him treats, trying to play with, everything dog like, to Dorchet's despair Greed finds it hilarious. Other then that, they both consider each other good friends.
*Loa: Salvia wishes Loa was her BF, lol. She finds him awesomely cool, and interesting. Often wanting to bring him with her to Briggs saying he'll fit in just fine. Loa finds the girl normal unlike others, and does not find her so bad.
*Bido: Emmeadiately Salvia realizes Bido is a lizard like guy, and finds him an adorable being. Bido does not really understand Salvia's weird taste, but it's whatever with him. Even thought he fears the girl a bit.

:bulletred: Aquantences:

*Julia Hoffmann/Berkshire: Salvia has always been looking for Julia. Since she wanted to ask her if she was responcible for her mothers death. Julia answered yes to this, and expects not to be forgiving for what she has done, but regardless Salvia forgives her, since she deeply knows they where both friends, and there was nothing personal, it was war that caused this terrible choice, and they're own as well. Julia does not mind the friendship that Salvia, and her son Sander have, and hopes it does not end like it did for herself and Shanla. Despite Julia irrasponcibility towards her son Sander, she doe love him very much.
*Ethan Berkshire: Ethan is Sander's father, who finds Salvia a funny and liably girl. He admires her determination to find happiness. He also likes to ask her questions of his son Sander, since he is no longer married to Julia. Ethan considers himself a sad, and weak man for letting his wife leave him, and take Sander with her. He has very low self esteem. Loves his son Sander very much.
*Marcel Berkshire: A ruthlees, cold man. The uncle of Sander, who likes to put Sander down with negative talk. Sometimes going so far as to even hurt him as a child physically. He took part in the Ishbalan extermination, and very much enjoyed his time there doing so. He hates Salvia, and wishes her dead like the rest of her people. He really hates it when Sander and Salvia talk/or are seen together. He frequently visits Sander to critisize him, and try to make him like himself. He feels very disgusted for Salvia's feelings towards Sander. Brother of Ethan, who he hates for being weak.
*Alina Vera Alvang: A Drachma spy, teamed up with Harbor, who she loves, but knows he will only use her, so she takes the chance of using him too. Her goal is to find a Philosipher Stone to make Drachma more powerful. Alina met Salvia in 1904, when Salvia was 7 years old. They often played together in secret, but as soon as Alina's parents found out they caused friendship seperation between them. Years later Alina and Harbor are seen together, working along side for they're own Greedy ambitions. Alina is a very brute girl; both in speeking and fighting. Alina wants nothing more then to find her own happiness, and will do anything in order to achive that, wanting to bring Salvia's head to Harbor in the process. She has mixed feelings about doing so thought. She meets Sander, and can't help her feelings of attraction for him.
-Salvia Hillier Profile Information.
Long time no see. ^^ I thought I'd post my OC; Salvia with some info, but I'm afraid the info is plain. Do to myself still feeling bad, and a bit lazy too.
I might update it, I might not. About my health, things are still being checked, but one of the things is probably high blood pressure. Let's hope nothing else, plus very tired from work....

But yeah, here's Salvia, and her life. Hope you all like her. ^^ :heart:


Salvia (C) :iconleeleechanlee: / L.J.M.D.
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